AUGB Huddersfield welcomes new members with an interest in the life and the history of the Ukrainian Community in Huddersfield.

Two types of membership are available, AUGB or Associate Membership.

AUGB Membership.

AUGB membership is open to those who meet the criteria set by the Association of Ukrainian's in Great Britain.

AUGB Membership is open to anyone over 18 who:

  • Is of Ukrainian descent

  • Is the non-Ukrainian spouse of someone of Ukrainian descent

  • Is legally resident in Great Britain

  • Subscribes to the purposes of the Association and agrees to abide by its rules

  • Pays the relevant subscription.

Prospective members must fill out the application form (available from the branch chair - John Czolacz), which must be countersigned by two existing members of the Association.

Completed and signed Association Membership Application Forms will be sent to the Association Head Office for their consideration.

The current annual subscription rates are:

  • Ordinary individual members - £9

  • Students/pensioners - £1

  • Members of the Association of Ukrainian Women - £8


Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to those not of Ukrainian descent nor a spouse of a Ukrainian descendant but otherwise fulfilling the Association criteria and agreeing to the club rules and conditions.

Prospective Club Members must be introduced as a guest by a current member who shall sign them in, after an introductory period, a prospective member may request an application form from the bar, which must then be countersigned by two association members.

The current annual subscription is £8 per each individual member

Any queries relating to membership may be directed to Mick Semenczuk

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